About us

Our company Maneo d.o.o. is engaged in corporate restructuring and business consulting in the field of finances, strategic and investment planning.

Thanks to our excellent business results, we have met strict financial and analytical requirements according to a methodology unique for all Europe. We are proud to announce that we have received the AAA Certificate of Excellence for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, which means that our company is one of the top 5% in Croatia. The Certificate is awarded by Bisnode, the leading European provider of business information in Croatia (<Poslovna.hr, Boniteti.hr, Winko.hr>). 

We have specialized in all aspects of corporate restructuring – from organizational and project solutions for small and middle-sized business and preparation of projects for financing through creating business and investment plans, feasibility studies and marketing studies, to pre-bankruptcy procedures, or consulting in case of bankruptcy threats or in case when your company already went bankrupt. 

We have a rich experience with pre-bankruptcy procedures – in accordance with the old and the new acts – which is our task since the first day of the old Act on Financial Operations and Pre-bankruptcy Settlement, followed by the new Bankruptcy Act regulating the present pre-bankruptcy procedure. We are proud to say that we have successfully conducted more than 50% of all pre-bankruptcy procedures in Croatia in accordance with the old and the new acts.

Our team includes highly educated workers with economic experience: economic experts, auditors, legal consultants, bankruptcy managers, accountants etc. A rich offer of our services comes from our valuable business experience gained through years-long work in different economic fields. Multidisciplinary approach, analytical skills and entrepreneurial spirit are main features of our work.

As you will see yourself if you decide to work with us, we regularly follow all contemporary publications, acts, provisions as well as movements on the market which are important for our clients. Timely information is the basis of our company's success, thus we will immediately inform you on any important news. Our regular professional training and education of our co-workers enable us to successfully prepare and/or implement a desired project for you.

ManeoWe have a rich experience in conducting different projects, our ideas are new and innovative and always at your service.

Business relationship with our clients is strictly confidential.

Our mission is a fast, quality and professional creation and/or implementation of business consulting projects and our vision is to offer you exactly what you need.

Why should you hire us? What are our advantages?

  • speed and flexibility
  • young, ambitious and educated experts
  • specialists for pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy procedures, and other corporate restructurings
  • economists, lawyers, bankruptcy managers and commissioners
  • multidisciplinary approach and analytical skills
  • individual approach
  • new and innovative ideas
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Pre-bankruptcy settlements
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